• Question: have you ever wanted to release your inner lepricorn???????

    Asked by spongebob48 to Cathal, Daphne, Darren, Jon, Katherine on 18 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Katherine Haxton

      Katherine Haxton answered on 18 Mar 2012:

      Nope, I’m Scottish so it would be an inner Kelpie or Ghillie Dhu 🙂

    • Photo: Jon Benton

      Jon Benton answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      Well hopefully if I do have one he’s giving me some luck to win this 🙂

    • Photo: Cathal Breen

      Cathal Breen answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      Always!! Only happens around St Patrick’s Day though!

    • Photo: Daphne Ng

      Daphne Ng answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      We don’t have lepricorns in Singaporean culture. But I hope they bring me luck and a pot of gold!